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Stamp: Please Comment if Fav by SimplySilent

Commission Info and Progression

Commission Info!

Yokai Institution Requests:

Anime Requests:

Chibi Requests:

Dos and Don'ts!
Please message me with your requests for dos and don’ts, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Current Commissions!

Chibi Allison Cox for iloveyugiohgx93
Chibi Ashely Cox for iloveyugiohgx93
Chibi Kyonshi Hollow for Proudly arrogant
Chibi Avalon Walker for xXChaoticOrderXx
Chibi Akiraka Kizuna for WrittenWhim
Chibi James Cassadine for MrProWrestling
Chibi Akari Cleopatra Shijo for Zarina El Tigre/Nova

A big shoutout goes to these lovely and very creative people for creating these icons!
glycyrrhizicacid (The commission signs)
socksyy (The cute pink and purple heart divider)
OtomeNishiki (The cute cupcake progression bars)

A Little About Myself! :3

Well hello there! I’m Rainhealsme, also known as Rain or Rain-chan for short, and Mrs. Ash Crimson! If couldn’t tell already, I love Ash Crimson, and dubbed him as my self-proclaimed anime husband. ^-^
I am 22 years old, ½ dreamer and ½ writer. I’m a total bookworm, often getting entranced into the world of fantasy, mystery, horror, and adventure. I am a budding artist, even though I’ve been drawing for years. I mainly draw chibis and anime, and my style is a combination of my favorite artists, which ultimately become my own style! I love the little things in life, like simple "how are you's" and hugs. I have an incredible sweet tooth, so no chocolate is safe around me. I always need music in my life. It helps me when I’m at my darkest and gives me inspiration. My current goal is to become a Pommy Mommy. If you don’t know what that is, Google it! :3
I hope you enjoy my art! ~ Rain-chan

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:iconabipopfriend: :iconblazingsun733: :iconxxchaoticorderxx: :iconnova-lioness: :iconhiroyuuyra:

This Week's Stream Schedule...

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 5:36 PM
Floating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBunFloating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBunFloating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBun

Hey, guys! I'm planning to host another late night stream this Saturday @ 2:00 am (GST)!

For this stream, I will finishing up some chibis commissions for Yokai Institution, and depending on how many sketches I get finished, I may be able to finish 3-4! I want to wrap up these chibis are fast as possible so I can get to working on the Meister and Spirit series more.

If you haven't already, subscribe to my art channel to get an alert when I go live. Hope to see you all there! ^_^ ~ Rain…

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Question: What sort of tablet do you use?
Answer: I use a small Intuos Pen & Touch Tablet w/ eraser. This tablet is made by Wacom.
Question: Where did you purchase it?
Answer: From Amazon. The price was much cheaper, and I got it new along with a 2 year warranty. :3
Question: What painting/illustration program do you use?
Answer: I mainly use Paint Tool Sai for my work, but I have used Manga Studio before.
Question: Where can I purchase Paint Tool Sai?
Answer: Google their website, and download the program from them for a short trail. If you like it, then only purchase it from them, because there have been scammers known to steal credit card numbers. Here’s the link:
Question: About how much does Sai cost?
Answer: I paid about $54.00 for it, and it’s very much worth it! However, you must have a PayPal account to purchase the product!
Question: Do you take commissions?
Answer: As now, I only take commissions from friends and regulars I know from FFN. I have been known to randomly draw people’s Ocs for them for free, though! :3
Question: May I draw or use one of your OC/pieces of art?
Answer: Of course, so as long as you give me full credit for creation of said character(s), and do not alter my work in any way.
Question: How often do you stream?
Answer: Um, whenever I can! I try to stream as much as possible, because I want to expand my audience and meet new people!


:iconcatfirmilla-chan: :iconnuclearjackal: :iconpdbapolinario: :iconnova-lioness: :iconfoltzy: :icontiruru:


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Welcome to Pokemon-GTS hope you enjoy your stay here
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Have a very nice day hope you enjoy your time with us
Rainhealsme Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thank you!
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Woohoo! A Year Older Rain! Happy Birthday! Hope you have a Great One!!!!! 
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Thank! So far this day has been great. And thank you so much for the points! ^.^
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Happy birthday! :iconpartoftheproblem:
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Thank you! ^_~
Noahrhodes Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
Thanks for doing my request and I can't wait to see it and read the new chapter along with it
Rainhealsme Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Your very welcome! Sorry about the wait on my reply. It's been some pretty nasty weather on my corner of earth, so the internet hasn't been working it's best...but hopefully, it'll clear up by the time I post new updates. :)
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